The Manic Street Preachers

The Manic Street Preachers may the biggest musical act to ever come out of Whales. In 1991, they emerged on the post-punk/brit-rock scene as a trio of glam rockers who modeled their mantra after the Sex Pistols and the Clash. The Manic Street Preachers have definitely been on an ever-blossoming musical journey, as each album offers a unique and progressive touch. "Lifeblood" takes a more organic direction, as the title may indicate. The Manic Street Preachers have moved away from pounding drums, and insane synth sections in favour of beautifully textured drumming, melodic guitar rhythms, and flowing vocal harmonies. They even engaged string and piano sections for added flare. This album is definitely mellower than classic Preachers, however it works. The songs are moody and melancholic, as James Dean Bradfield (vocals/guitar), Nicky Wire (bass) and Sean Moore (drums) pour their hearts into their music. Best songs are: "1985", "Empty Souls", "A Song For Departure", "To Repel Ghosts" and "Solitude Sometimes Is".

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