King Arthur

While the 'original' idea of depicting this film as a true tale is rather interesting, the manipulation of history may get you revved. Here's the fresh take on King Arthur. The heroic King comes from Artorius, circa 300 Ad. Clive Owen resurrects Arthur on screen, the man who turns his back on his Roman heritage to embrace the rather squalid unappealing realm of war torn Britain. Beyond the promise of a satisfying relationship with Guinevere (Keira Knightley) – who is a fierce warrior woman – Arthur can be King of Britain as opposed to a half bred in a Rome that cannot possibly fit all of his idealistic dreams. Surrounded by his knights of the round table (Lancelot, Galahad, Bors, Tristan, Dagonet and Gawain) Arthur will join forces with the natives of Britain, the Woads, in order to defeat the fierce and terrifying Saxon army that threatens to destroy and conquer Britain.

Count on the movie to provide multiple battle scenes; but it's unfortunate that they lack the splendor shown in recent movie history. Guinevere works some kind of romantic magic on Arthur in order to seduce him into ruling her poor decrepit country. Merlin is an old man who leads the Woads (natives of Britain), paints himself blue and is wise if not overly powerful.

All in all, the film has this sensation of just missing the boat. Too much filming with too much editing delivers a long film that may have lost some of its best parts to the cutting room floor. When the lights come up around the final credits the audience will probably be wondering how things just didn't add up. The overall production was too flawed to deliver the stunning drama one hoped to collect from yet another Arthurian legend.

Special DVD Features:
-Commentary by director Antoine Fuqua
-New extended edition with 15 minutes of added footage
-Alternate Ending / "Badan Hill" with commentary (4 mins.)
-"Blood On The Land: Forging King Arthur" making-of-the-epic featurette (18 mins.)
-Round Table Video Commentary with cast and filmmakers (16 mins.)
-"Knight Vision" pop-up trivia viewing mode
-King Arthur Xbox playable video game demo
-Producer Jerry Bruckheimer's personal photo gallery

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