Grateful Dead

"American Beauty" is a superb collection of songs, finely crafted and very cohesive. How could you not like a song like "Sugar Magnolia or the bluegrass oriented "Friend of the Devil". It's almost too much fun for one album. Then you get soulful with songs like "Box of Rain" and "Ripple." "It just doesn't get any better than this". Or does it? This latest version of "American Beauty" (Dual Disc) includes several goodies never included before. First off, this disc is double sided. One side is the CD that includes all the original songs re-mastered. The other side is a DVD and presents all of the previous songs in 5.1 surround sound; what sensory treat; and there's more. This Dual Disc also includes exclusive interviews with Mickey Hart and Bob Weir, a photo Gallery of rare photos and the lyrics to all the songs on the album.

Sit back and enjoy classic songs like "Dark Star" and "Turn on your love light," "Box of Rain" and "Ripple. " What a long fun trip it's been.

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