Widespread Panic

It's one thing to be at a Halloween concert and have the guys play "fun" cover songs or at a regular concert and hear a cover song, but it is interesting hearing a CD made up of only cover tunes. No recording can really capture the extreme joy of a 'Panic' show. That being said, this disc is a superb compilation of those Panic covers that fans go crazy for at their concerts. Sweet Leaf is a crazy opener. War's Sliping Into Darkness is just plain sick. Many 'Panic' fans will undoubtedly already have these songs in bootleg versions; but John Keane's production has made the recordings sound better than those multi-generational bootlegs. This is a must have for any 'Panic' fan… having said that there are some great songs here… Godzilla, Sex Machine & Ball Of Confusion…and old fans will enjoy hearing Michael Houser on some songs… get this CD and play it at your next party it will fit right in…

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