Mulan II

After saving China, strong, brave and beautiful Mulan (Ming-Na), revered by all, wants to settle down and prepare for her marriage to General Shang (B.D. Wong). But wedding plans have to take a backseat when the Emperor (Pat Morita) calls upon General Shang and Mulan to complete a mission and once again save the country. They must accompany the Emperor's three princess daughters across the country to their arranged marriages to the rival kingdom's princes and bring peace to the land. The marriages must take place in 3 days or the alliance will crumble. Joining the mission are Shang's 3 greatest warriors who become distracted by the princesses and their beauty and start to fall in love with them. The princesses whose duties are to the emperor and their country start to have doubts about marrying for obligation instead of love. They must decide what is more important; their obligations and traditions or putting your feelings above your obligations. Adding to the distractions is the bad news that Mushu ( a hilarious Mark Mosely) will lose his job so Mushu tries to break up the engagement so he can keep his job. Despite the distractions, with many twists and turns, Mulan and Shang complete their mission and secure the alliance with the rival kingdom. Other guest voices include Lucy Liu, Michelle Kwan, Harvey Feirstein and for our musical enjoyment, Donny Osmond singing in one of the songs of the movie.

Bonus Features:
• Deleted Scenes
• Music and More: Music video (I Wanna Be) "Like Other Girls"
• Games and Activities: Mushu's Guess Who
Guess whose shadow Mushu is making on the tent
• Backstage Disney
The World of Mulan
The Voices of Mulan

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