The Tubes

When they formed in 1972, The Tubes were just a couple of artsy guys with a love for music and controversy. Little did they know that they would be making musical history. What made this band so extreme was the way that they combined performance art with music. Their live shows consisted of outrageous performances, complete with costumes and makeup, frequently dabbling in pornography. Needles to say, they became cult favorites of pop culture. The Tubes have released numerous albums, including a number of best of albums. "Then And Now" is the band's latest release, packed with 12 classic Tubes songs. The only downside is that these songs are taken from a total of 2 other Tubes albums, which doesn't really allow for much diversity in the song selection. It would also have been nice to hear different version of some of the songs. There are are also a number of live tracks, which cause a slight inconsistency on this album: a couple of the songs were preformed in 2002, the other few done back in the 70s. As expected, the older performances are the most memorable "Then And Now" is definitely an album fans will want to have in their collections, but I think there are better Tubes albums out there than this one. Best Songs are: "Loveline", "White Punks On Dope", "Whiz Quiz" and "What Do You Want From Life".

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