Disney’s Growing Up With Winnie The Pooh

Disney is always on the ball when it comes to innovative children's DVDs. New to their collection is "Growing Up With Winnie The Pooh", a series featuring Pooh and friends teaching life skills to pre-schoolers. Each volume in the collection focuses on one of 4 sections: feelings and emotions, problem-solving, creativity or social skills. Like all children, Pooh and friends are always up for adventure, and they will have just that in "A Great Day For Discovery": a series of 4 magical stories. The friends have gathered for Tigger's birthday party at the Hundred Acre Woods. It's all fun and games until Tigger's birthday wishes get out of hand, causing great misfortune to him and his friends. Over the course of the hour long cartoon, Tigger learns that good behaviour and strong friendships are more valuable than all the wishes in the world. Pooh and friends help give the viewer a head start on learning the importance of social skills, through respect, good behaviour, consideration for others and imagination.

Special Features:
– Music Time: "Winnie the Pooh" sing along song.
– Game Time: Figure out which object doesn't belong, and cheer up Pooh and friends in the process.
– Bonus Growth Chart

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