Mobb Deep / BMG

Well known rap duo Mobb Deep have returned with a new album entitled "Amerikaz Nightmare". It's a typical Gangsta Rap album filled with lyrics about money, violence and lots of swearing. Havoc and Prodigy glamorize the thug life throughout the sixteen tracks. "Win Or Lose" has a smooth flow. Natt Dogg drops some rhymes on "Dump". "When You Hear The" is a decent effort. "Shorty Wop is disappointing. Lil Jon adds some crunk flavor to "Real Gangstaz". Jadakiss collaborates with Mobb Deep on "One Of Ours Part II". Throw Your Hands (In The Air) is average. This album is dark and even though the duo is experienced in the rap game, their production just doesn't really stand out in comparison to the other Gangsta Rap albums out there. Even while collaborating with Twista and the other guests, this album has a few weak points. There just isn't much originality here.

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