Flight of the Phoenix

Irish Director John Moore went from directing small TV ads to making huge action adventure films, practically over night. In his latest film, Flight of the Phoenix, he examines what happens when a group of people go through one of the most terrifying experiences anyone could imagine.

On their way to Beijing, pilot Frank Towns (Dennis Quaid) finds his cargo plane in the middle of a storm that will bring his plane down. After a most increadible crash sequence that leaves every muscle in your body tightened for minutes after it's over, they find that they have already lost of few of the passengers. Stuck in the middle of the desert, they have to ration the little food and water supplies that they have with them in order to make it through the next few days as they wait for help to come to their rescue. This is where, as is always the case in these disaster movies, we get to know the people on board. We see relationships form, egos collide and all the like.

Quaid is strong as no-nonsense pilot, and the same can be said of the rest of the cast, too. Although many of the characters are cliché, and let's face it, so is the story, it still works. What sets this one apart from other plane crash movies is that after a few days of waiting, they decide that if they want to get out of this one alive, they're going to have to do it themselves. And that's just what they do. They re-build the plane. Or rather, they build an other one out of the parts that were left over after the crash. But they're running out of time and energy, not to mention the threat of angry Nomads who want them out.

The backbone of this film is for sure the cinematography. Some shots are honestly breathtaking and there are some sequences that you will not soon forget. The
soundtrack was equally good and should not go unmentioned. All in all, if you like blood-pumping high adrenalin pics, Flight of the Phoenix is the stuff for you.


-Commentary by Director John Moore
-The Phoenix Diaries – This is a great 'making of' that does way more than just take you behind the scenes. It puts you in the skin of the people who worked on the film and what they had to go through to come to an end with the result at hand.
-Extended scenes
-Deleted scenes (with optional commentary)

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