Incident At Loch Ness

I was weary about seeing this movie. Although I love Werner Herzog, the idea of him being part of a mockumentary made me cringe. However, when I started it and realized it wasn't just a mockumentary, I was fascinated. In fact, what it is, is a mockumentary about a documentary crew filming a documentary about a documentary about the Loch Ness.

Werner Herzog plays himself, a filmmaker intent on making a great film. The director of the movie, Zak Penn, plays the producer in the movie at hand (which is about yet an other movie), producing Herzog's film… And he doesn't make it easy on him.

A film crew follows Herzog as he goes out with his own film crew to film a documentary about the Loch Ness Monster. Once they get on the water, strange things occur and this leaves the crew to wonder if they are filming a documentary or if the producer, intent on making a blockbuster, is setting up some situations to make it more interesting.

A gorgeous actress is brought in to add color to the picture and to wear a bikini during a very serious interview about the ship's sonar equipment. There is also a wacky scientist who does nothing more than create a few tense moments on board.

All in all this movie entertained me. I felt like I was watching the love child of Blair Witch and Waiting For Guffman (but with a Herzog twist). This movie was well made and the praise it received was well deserved. After all, would Werner Herzog attach himself to a picture that was only second rate???

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