Ladder 49

All firefighters are a component of a very special kind of family. The "Ladder 49" family gains its strength from brotherhood, their children, spouses, friendships and a close knit community; their motto is simply "we go in where others run out"

Firefighter Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix) gets trapped and injured inside a warehouse inferno on Baltimore's Inner Harbor after rescuing a victim. While the squad desperately tries to rescue him, Jack flashes back to his career as a fireman. Jack's memories begin with the ritual gags played on him as a rookie entering the family of Ladder 49, to meeting his chief and mentor, Mike Kennedy (John Travolta).

Jack's mind races through a series of flashbacks that include: the meeting of his wife Linda (Jacinda Barrett), their marriage, the birth of their first child and so on. Ironically the constant struggle and fear of losing Jack to the perils of firefighting is a constant throughout his flashbacks. Memories of the incredible family bond these heroic firefighters share; enduring pain, unfathomable heat and danger, risking their lives to save their community keeps Jack company in the lonely depths of the burning building.

After 9/11, we've all had a special place in our hearts for firefighters, and this movie honors them with respect.

Special DVD Features:
-Commentary by director Jay Russell and editor Bud Smith
-Deleted Scenes
-"Everyday Heroes" featuring real stories from real firefighters
-"The making of Ladder 49" featurette
-"Shine your Light" music video by Robbie Robertson
-Enhanced Home Theater Mix
-Robbie Robertson's "Shine Your Light" music video

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