Volcano High

This MTV martial arts action flick is packed with high octane fights guaranteed to appeal to action / fight film enthusiasts. Set in a high school, rival teams go against each other in traditional kung-fu style. This film boasts special effects and a unique look.

Kim Kyung-soo (Jang Hyuk) is a high school student who is sent from school to school in search of one that will accept him. In Kim's young life he has already gone through eight schools. The reason for these short stints in schools is his helplessness to manage his mystical powers. What will the future hold for Kim?

Kim is eventually relocated to the mystifying Volcano High. At Volcano High Kim finds that he may have found a place where he fits in. There, teachers, students, and some athletic clubs are engaged in a pursuit against one another to discover a clandestine martial arts document, and Kim's command of his special powers may just give one faction an edge over the rest.

Watch out for celebrity voice-overs by: Mya, Method Man, Lil' John, Snoop Dog and Andre 3000. This martial arts comedy with a kick ass hip hop soundtrack will delight anyone into special effects and martial arts.

Special DVD Features:
-Complete MTV version
-Making-Of The Making of Volcano High
-The original Korean version

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