Akon / Universal

Hip Hop artist Akon displays his impressive vocal and writing skills debut album "Trouble". While many artists of his genre are cashing in on songs about money, drugs and major disrespect of women, this talented Senegalese African artist doesn't really focus on glamorizing the thug life but instead talks about his life experiences and the consequences that followed. The debut release "Locked Up" is a well crafted track and stands out as one of the best tracks. "Trouble Nobody" gets props for it's smooth vibe. Akon switches over to party mode with club track "Bananza (Belly Dancer)". "Ghetto" is a soulful tune in which he gives the listener a look into the harsh realities of people living in the Ghetto. Show Out" has a cool flow. "Lonely" and "Journey" are also noteworthy.
It's nice to see an artist of this genre actually spinning out music that has some depth. An artist to discover.

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