Buena Vista Social Club

The Buena Vista Social Club is one of Cuba's most recognizable musical groups ever since they released their first CD which turned out to be an international success. In 1996, American guitarits Ry Cooder visited Havana and recruited several performers such as Compay Segundo, Ruben Gonzalez and Ibrahim Ferrer. Director Wim Wenders documented the group's live performances in New York and Amsterdam, which led the film right to the Academy Awards and was nominated in the year 2000. Their latest musical project is a debut solo album by trumpet player Manuel Guajiro Mirabal, a tribute to Cuban music legend Arsenio Rodriguez. Listeners will enjoy charming tracks such as "Para Bailar El Montuno", "Me Bote De Guano", "Canta Montero" and "Chicharronero".
A delightful listen.

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