The Waking Eyes

There have been quite a number of great bands coming out of Winnipeg, Manitoba within the past decade. To add to the list is the 4 piece pop-rock band known as The Waking Eyes. The band formed from the remains of the now-defunct groups The Pets and Novillero. Dubbed an "art-rock" band, The Waking Eyes use their creative edge to pull together a sound that is entirely their own: a blend of garage pop and psych-rock. Notable influences range from The Beatles and Radiohead, to Ween and Nirvana. Adding to their artfulness, members of The Waking Eyes frequently rotate their instrumental duties in the band. Generally, the lineup is as follows: Rusty Matays and Matt Peters (vocals/guitar), Joey Penner (bass) and Stephen Senkiw (drums). Piano, organ and other keyboards sections are also a shared duty. In addition, all four members contribute to the writing process of the band's material. "Video Sound" is the The Waking Eyes' second full length release, after 2002's "Combing the Clouds". Best songs on this album are: "Beginning", "Move On", "More Than What You're Givin'" and "If You Know Why". Be sure to check out the enhanced feature on this CD: "Video Sound: The Rockumentary".

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