Woman Thou Art Loosed

Adapted from the best-selling novel by minister Bishop T.D. Jakes, "Woman Thou Art Loosed" is a compelling story about Jakes' work with abused women. Jakes (played by himself) is set on helping a death row inmate named Michelle (Kimberly Elise). As the victim of childhood rape by her mother's boyfriend, Michelle is quite unstable. Jakes tries his best to help Michelle make something different of her life, but past events have caused her to become deeply cynical, beyond the reach of love. From this point onwards, the film turns to flashbacks to decipher the story behind Michelle's imprisonment. We learn that after the rape, Michelle's mother (played by Lorette Devine) refuses to believe that such an event took place, mostly out of fear of being without a man. Consequently, Michelle takes to the streets with her friend Nicole (Idalis DeLeon) and soon finds herself working as a prostitute for a pimp, which eventually lands Michelle in prison. What could have been a preachy movie is anything but: it speaks softly and honestly. "Woman Thou Art Loosed" is an emotional story you wont' want to miss.

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