Laura is the classic film noir. You've got the murder, you've got the handsome cop, and you've got the beautiful, but mysterious, dame. In this case the girl is played by Gene Tierney and she does a bang on job. I was apprehensive about watching yet another film noir film, but from the moment this one started, I was hooked.

The mysterious death of the beautiful Laura is under investigation. The detective, played by Dana Andrews, is hot on the case, interviewing the men in Laura's life. Of course everyone seems to have a motive and everyone blames the other. This is film noir, you know how it goes.

The strong point in this movie is the acting. Gene Tierney plunks out one of her best performances. She is soft and innocent, yet mysterious and alluring. She just looks like the ideal women of the forties. She shares the screen with Clifton Webb, who plays Waldo, one of the more interesting men in her life. Webb's character is slick and witty; he is debonair-ness incarnate. A highlight of the movie is watching him type an article, while soaking in a tub.

Of course the lighting and sets are wonderful. They are dark and light, soft and hard. The score is now famous. It sets the perfect tone, being ultra romantic and creepy at the same time.

I have to say that I enjoyed it. Part of me wonders, though, whether I did because it was good, or whether it was because I was jonesing for a dose of film noir and Laura was available.

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