Various Artists

Music fans get ready for the 2005 Juno Awards set to air on April 3rd (CTV) live from Winnipeg, Canada. As usual, a CD compilation is released yearly which features some of the most popular nominees. Acclaimed pop rocker Avril Lavigne sings her heart out on her hit single "Don't Tell Me". Mark McGrath collaborates with the talented Shania Twain on the toe tappin' "Party For Two". Hip Hop artist K-OS offers up his unique track "Crabbukit". Jacksoul charms listeners with "Still Believe In Love". Keshia Chante offers up her cool track "Bad Boy, while Sarah Mclachlan sings a live version of "Push". Fefe Dobson keeps it real with her debut single "Take Me Away". Canada's favorite rock bands such as Nickelback, Simple Plan and Sum 41 are also featured. Other artists include Bryan Adams, Diana Krall, Billy Talent and even a French tune from Quebec's very own Audrey DeMontigny. An album filled with lots of great music. Go get it.

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