I was enjoyably surprised to find that some of the criticisms I heard turned out to be some of the best portions of the movie. And the rest were just false. While I do agree that more action would have been phenomenal…I don't think I could have asked for a better character adaptation of Elektra.

There was obviously a lot of thought that went into this and the script. The depiction of Elektra's personality was priceless. The OCD actually made me laugh out loud as I wondered how you could portray Elektra's more neurotic tendencies without making her look completely crazy (Elektra: Assassin, but toned down for the mainstream). And showing her growing increasingly impatient, agitated, and otherwise put out by her 'downtime' was also perfect and absolutely spot on.

Elektra's relationship with Stick? Couldn't have been portrayed better. As multi-faceted as it's been, they managed to get it all across very well.

I think this movie did a wonderful job staying true to the character and be adaptable to a wider audience. I can see where someone not familiar with the character and her history might be put off (or worse, not quite so drawn in). In the case of anything like this, the more you know, the more you tend to get out of it (or sometimes, the more you tend to dislike it.) But in my case, I'm not someone who will criticize because everything is not exactly as it is in the comic. Nothing ever is. The main point is did they do a good job with what they had? And here, the answer is 'Yes'.

There is room for improvement, namely adding some more action and making the sequences flow a little better. But as a long time fan, I'm happy with how this movie turned out.

Special DVD Features:
-Deleted Scenes; worthwhile checking out on this disc.
-"The Making Of Elektra" includes an interview with Jennifer Garner and Director Rob Bowman; I found Garner to be effortlessly effervescent.
-"Inside The Editing Room;" not as interesting as the other features, but worth a peek.
-Jennifer Garner's Comic-Con Presentation," once again Garner steals the show.

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