Sacred Planet

Visit some of the most exotic spots on our planet in contrast to the fast paced city life most of us are used to. Our world is beautifully chronicled in this 40-minute travelogue made for IMAX movie. The astonishing cinematography is lush and enchanting with several time lapse scenes. Travel to distant and untouched locations such as: Borneo's rain forest (I especially enjoyed the scenes of the orangutans and other primates at play), visit British Columbia's and Alaska's shorelines and aquatic life including wonderful footage of orca pods and B.C.'s lush rain forest, get lost in the stark beauty of America's deserts, follow a group of giraffes through the plains of Africa and visit Thailand's ancient spiritual ruins. The pace of this film is frenetic yet the film's meaning is unambiguous.

Sacred Planet is narrated by Robert Redford and several native inhabitants from around the world who are still in touch with their ancient values. Interestingly the narration by all of these natives was conveyed in English. The film's message is clear; love mother earth and treat it with respect or our planet will cease to exist.

This is a wonderful to be enjoyed by the whole family. This film is no "Baraka," but I still recommend it to anyone who cherishes our world and enjoys watching beautiful images of our planet.

Special DVD Images:
-"Our Sacred Planet: Unseen Moments In Time" this is more of what we have already seen in the film…check it out.
-"The making Of Sacred Planet" the producer / director Jon Long talks about the project.
-"Feature Audio Commentary With Jon Long," watch the whole film with Jon Long's view points.

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