I remember "Bring on the Night" when it first came out and I thought it was an exceptional album then but with the sound enhancements made the re-release is a substantial improvement. I recall checking out Sting live in the mid-eighties at McGill University's outdoor stage and also in Los Angeles at an out door amphitheatre. Sting's live shows were packed with excitement and fun. I especially remember the fans in Los Angeles; the whole audience was up and dancing, no one was standing still. Of course there is nothing like being there live, but it's amazing how this CD transports me back in time.
After the success of the Police it was difficult to imagine Sting's career to be even marginally as entertaining as that of his past band; but Sting put on a super performance. I think that those shows mid- eighties concerts were the best Sting shows I've ever been to, except when I first watched the Police perform at Theatre St.Denis in Montreal; but I won't get into that now.

On this CD Sting assembled a fine collection of Jazz musicians including: Branford Marsalis and Kenny Kirkland. I really enjoyed this whole album, but some of the standout songs include: "One World / Love is the Seventh Wave," "Moon Over Bourbon Street," "Consider Me Gone," "Children's Crusade" (check out Marsalis' solo). Listen to this CD and I'm sure you will agree, this CD flows effortlessly from one track to the next. If you enjoy the music of the Police, Sting and or Jazz then this newly re-mastered CD is for you.

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