This nicely shot sci-fi thriller by writer/director Shane Caruth took the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2004. Caruth also plays the main role of Aaron, an engineer and part-time inventor. Through the use of complex scientific theories, Aaron and his good friend Abe (David Sullivan), spend all their spare time trying to develop a travel machine. Their obsession leads them to experimenting with the nature of time. They attempt to pull off a get rich quick scheme with the use of the machine, alienating themselves from their families while trying not to mess up the past.

As the action plays out, you really get taken by the feasibility of such an experiment. It's like watching E.T. as a kid and believing everything you see, but without any fancy special effects. With a budget of 7,000$, Caruth pulls off a special effect all on his own: magic. Through a few key voice overs and stellar acting, Primer takes you along for a paradoxical ride where anything is possible and it seems all too real. What if it really works?

Primer is the kind of film that you will want to watch more than once to fully take in its paradoxical yet intriguing nature.

Special DVD Features:
Included in this DVD release are commentaries by Shane Caruth as well as other members of the cast and crew.

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