Sessions for Robert J

Eric Clapton and fellow musicians Doyle Bramhall, Nathan East, Steve Gadd, Billy Preston and Chris Stanton, perform tunes originally by the King of the Delta Blues, Mr. Robert Johnson, the man who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his guitar skills. Having impacted so many musicians through the years, Robert Johnson tunes have been performed by Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stone, Steve Miller, Ry Cooder and of course Mr. Clapton himself as well as many others. But Robert J. has been in Clapton's veins for a long time. Having started out his career with Blues bands such as the Bluesbreakers, Clapton, has come round full circle, giving credit where credit is due. He does, however, give these songs, which are more than seventy years old, some new life, yet the original spark does belong to Robert J.

Performed in England and Dallas, these sessions are split between electric and acoustic sets. One of these sessions is actually recorded at 508 Park Ave. in Dallas where Johnson recorded back in 1937. The CD covers the best parts from these sessions and has a nicely sequenced track list. The DVD also includes commentary by Clapton about the Johnson material, how he plays them and their specific oddities. This is a great starter kit for those who are as yet unacquainted with one of the most important names in Blues and it will no doubt be a delight to those who are.

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