The Ramones / End of the Century

This documentary covers the Ramones from their early days before they formed the band in Queens, New York, right on through to their eventual decline in the eighties and on to their place as legends in the late nineties. End of the Century tells the story of one of the most influential rock bands of all time. When they first began performing in 1975, they were a group of freaks with funny haircuts and leather jackets. They were by no means virtuosos; they were a punk band. Over the years nothing much has really changed.

This DVD gives insight into the member's relationships, how they came together, performing at the CBGB with an audience and often to filling entire stadiums with their loud punk rock.

Their first taste of fame came in 1976 when they went to England. They were huge. On their return to America they developed a cult following. They were Pied Pipers leading legions of impressionable young musicians starting up their own bands in their garages.
End of the Century explores the band that influenced so many others: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Clash. Through extensive interview clips, tour footage, photographs and extra features, this DVD really gives a good impression of who the Ramones were and why they had such profound influence in Rock history.

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