Armin Van Buuren

A State of Trance 2005 goes where trance records are supposed to. Nowhere. On this double disc set are 26 tracks that keep the pulsating beat throughout, accompanied by reverberated vocals and samples that will definitely get dancers into a state of trance. The # 3 DJ in the world unleashes his new single, Shivers, on the first disc, while other artists gladly fill the remaining void. This euphoric mix of tracks by people such as Interstate, Locust, and Tilt transform the listener into an emotional ball of jelly. You can feel the music and its profound power to take the clubbers to that next peak. Although many electronic music fans will find this two cd set boring and uneventful, there are twice as many fans that will be happy to let the DJ take them to his world. As with most dance music, A State of Trance 2005 would be appreciated more live, with thousands of ravers shimmying beside you, sharing your thoughts and emotions as Van Buuren holds you under his vinyl wing. But with that said, this album can still be fulfilling with a nice set of headphones or speakers.

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