Bad Boy Joe presents

Brooklyn-based Dj Bad Boy Joe (Joe Marcano) is back again for round two of his Club Anthems. Look for more of the same here with huge dance hits making their way onto the playlist. The versatile DJ spins mostly mainstream dance here including big hitters David Morales and Tiesto. A great compilation for those looking to get geared up for a night of fun, tracks such as So Many Times by Gadjo will be sure to get those live club vibes going. Having loads of experience at the turntables and with remixing and re-editing tracks, Bad Boy Joe seamlessly stitches together beats the way all of us bedroom DJ's wish we could. By the time DirtyFilthy reaches the woofers on track five, you are sure to be at least caught up in the pace that BBJ can keep. It helps to have the hottest tracks available for your release, but the flow of this cd is created and kept by the DJ extremely well on Club Anthems Vol. 2. A solid release with enough recognizable tracks to keep the partyers going, at least for 78 minutes.

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