Behind -M- is the talented Matthieu Chedid, who reveals his guitar skills on Live au Spectrum. Bringing an assortment of flavours to the table here, one cannot tire easily when listening to this album. It also helps when this album doesn't clock in at much over 40 minutes, a slight surprise in my live album experience. The crowd is very audible and can be heard chanting familiar choruses, like on the jam Souvenir du Futur. It seems -M- could do almost anything and get the responding audience to coo back approvingly. Psyko Bug is an electric track that shifts interestingly from the guitar jams of the beginning of the track to an incredible big beat that gets the crowd going. A steel drum intro leads into a funky clap-a-long on Zenitude, keeping the pace well with the rest of the album. The album is slowed down in the breathy C'est Pas Ta Faute, but picks up quickly. Listen carefully for the Hendrix riff. On the closing track the well-known song from the film The Triplets of Belleville is performed much to the delight of the increasingly supportive crowd. An album of equal interest to long time fans and new ones alike.

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