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When 65,000 people congregate for one of North America's biggest electronic festivals, something is being done right. Ultra Music Festival is the soundtrack to this week-long festival featuring the top artists and DJs in the world. Although it is nearly impossible to recreate the feeling of being at one of these gigs where emotion and music peak together, UMF does its best to bring you back. Containing 16 tracks from artists such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, legend Carl Cox, and big-beat masters Crystal Method, UMF provides the highest quality dance and trance cuts from a highly diluted field. With an astonishing amount of unknown DJs in the electronic underground, finding quality can often be hard, but this one disc provides enough variety and beats to keep even the most dedicated club-goers happy. Mylo's track Drop the Pressure contains elements of old Kraftwerk, showing that the innovators are still an influence even today. The Fruit is one of the catchiest tracks I've heard in a while, big-beat fun at its best. The mix on UMF is varied throughout and the tempo does not flinch at all. For fans unsure of what dance compilation contains the quality club tracks they want, UMF steps it up without a doubt. The beats are vicious and hard, with enough trance to convey the much-needed emotional element.

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