This four man band is originally from Chicago and got together in the late 1990s. They can be seen as one of the forefathers for the new wave of pop/punk bands such as Simple Plan and Sum 41. Before you dismiss them as another pseudo punk band, it must be stated that their sound is more mature than the aforementioned bands. Although I hate comparing artists, Spitalfield's sound is reminiscent of the Foo Fighters. This could be the album that brings them commercial success as the type of music they play is quite popular right now. Spitalfield's third album is a mixture of catchy pop melodies coupled with crunchy guitars and crashing drums. On the 11 track album the tracks that standout includes "Restraining Order Blues", "Tampa Bum Blues", "Simple Minds, Simple Lives" (which includes the interesting lyrics: "We are simple minds, we live simple lives. And we're doing what we love. Not trying to just appeal to you") and "What Were You Thinking".

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