The Crystal Method

This album is a remix album by one of the few remaining electronica acts to come out of the early 1990s. The Crystal Method is a duo made up of thirty something djs Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. They are originally from Las Vegas and are now based out of Los Angeles. They got their start in the underground rave scene in Las Vegas and then, when their popularity grew, they moved on to making albums. They still have a weekly radio/dj show on an independent Los Angeles radio station. Some say they are like the US's version of The Chemical Brothers.

This is Crystal Method's sixth album and it is one of their best, which is saying a lot because their 2004 album "Legion of Boom" was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Electronic/Dance category. Remix albums are interesting because, like covers, they give you the artist's take on a particular song. The 16 track album has many different sounds; it uses rock, soul and funk as its base. For me the highlights of the album include the "Roadhouse Blues Remix", "Bizarre Love Triangle" (New Order song), and "1979" (Smashing Pumpkins song). The album is fast paced and one song flows into the next. They seem to have a talent for taking well-known songs and making them sound like their own. Fans of electronica and Crystal Method will not be disappointed by their latest effort.

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