The Beyblade phenomenon has made it to DVD in this first full length Beyblade movie. Beyblade tops are played by pulling on the launcher and "letting it rip". As the tops spin around the Beyblade "stadium", the first to be knocked off loses.

Long ago spirits would battle each other. One day the spirits got sealed away never to be spoken of. Years later, Japan's #1 Beyblader Tyson is challenged by a mysterious and persistent competitor named Daichi, whose determination to become the next Beyblading champion leaves Tyson and his friends wondering what his true motives are. The clashing Beyblades awaken the ancient dark forces who become evil Shadow-Bladers and want to take over the world. It was now up to Tyson and Daichi to work together along with Tyson's friends Max, Kai and Ray to use their "Bitbeasts" Dragoon, Strata-Dragoon, Dreciel, Dranzer and Driger to defeat the evil forces.

All the favourite Beyblade characters and stunning animation make this DVD a treat for the faithful, usually characterized as 7-10 year old boys. For everyone else, it probably wouldn't be as well appreciated.

Beyblade: Behind the Scenes
Hosted by Daniel De Santo, the voice of Ray
The newest and coolest from the world of Beyblades
Sneak peaks from BBA (Beyblade Battle Association) Headquarters
Behind the scenes look of how the show is made

The Beyblade Championships
Also hosted by Daniel De Santo, the North American championships from the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas.

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