The group Garbage began as an informal session between band members and then recruited lead singer Shirley Manson who previously sang for the band Angelfish. Garbage released their debut album in 1995, which achieved platinum status and churned out radio hits such as "Stupid Girl" and "Only Happy When It Rains". The group had moderate success with albums that followed and their latest is entitled "Bleed Like Me".
The group stays true to their edgy pop / rock style with a dose of electronica. "Why Do You Love Me" and "Metal Heart" are cool rockin' tracks. The title track has a softer sound and leaves a lasting impression, so does "It's All Over But The Crying". The group picks up the pace with "Boys Wanna Fight" and "Why Don't You Come Over". "Happy Home" also gets a worthy mention. Overall if you are a fan of this group you will certainly enjoy what they have to offer as they stay true to the style of music that fans enjoyed on their previous albums.

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