Casey Norton (Valerie Bertinelli) works at Norton Securities: a company concerned with community safety. Unfortunately, business isn't going so well for the firm, and local crime has sky rocketed. Desperate to save Norton Securities, Casey enlists the help of electronics genius Brian Foster (Wesley Eure). Foster comes up with a fool proof plan: a robotic watchdog. This machine, known as C.H.O.M.P.S., is hungry for crime! When the company's rivals hear of Norton Securities' brilliant new invention, they set out to destroy C.H.O.M.P.S.

While the idea of this film was a good one, the execution was far from it. What might have been a high-action film turned out to be nothing more than footage of a dog doing normal dog things. Of course, one can't expect too much from a low-budget film from 1979. Meanwhile, most of the film focuses on Casey and Brian trying to dismantle the prowlers. What ever happened to crime prevention? All in all, this film is definitely geared towards a younger audience, who will surely be less critical of the content of this film.

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