Namu, My Best Friend

What a perfect film for Orcasound! From the Golden Globe winning director Laslo Benedek (Death of a Salesman) comes "Namu", an ecologically-minded family film about friendship. Namu, meaning whirlwind, is a Northwestern Orca whale whose mate was killed by fishermen. As a result, Namu is in poor condition and is thus cared for by local marine biologist Dr. Donner (Robert Lansing). And what would a movie be without an amorous subplot? A young girl named Lisa (Robin Mattson) has recently lost her father. She ends up finding solace by watching Namu. Meanwhile, her mother (Lee Meriwether) adopts a fascination of her own: with Dr. Donner! Meanwhile, the townspeople and local fisherman see Namu as a threat and want him to be put down. It's up to Dr. Donner, Lisa and her mother to prove that Namu is a gentle creature that deserves to live. On a side note, the film was originally released under the non-PC title "Namu: The Killer Whale", which is rather ironic considering the story-line.

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