Suspect Zero

This film tries to follow the great examples of serial killer films such as Seven and Silence of the Lambs, but fails in its attempt. That is not to say that this is a bad film; it has its moments. It starts off with a couple of interesting premises: the serial killer who is targeting serial killers and the technique of remote viewing. The problems with the film is not because of acting (though Carrie-Anne Moss's talents go wasted) or direction (the lighting and shaky camera style lends some tension to the film), but due to a lack in the script.

In this E. Elias Merhige (Shadow of the Vampire) directed thriller, FBI agent Thomas Mackelway (Aaron Eckhart – Erin Brockovitch and Nurse Betty) is transferred to Albuquerque, New Mexico from Dallas. Agent Mackelway is obviously tortured by whatever happened on his last case in Dallas. He starts receiving faxes about missing persons, but has no idea who they are from. A local traveling salesman's body is found and Mackelway is reunited by his new boss Agent Charleton (Harry J. Lennix – The Matrix and Ray) with his former partner, Fran Kulok (Carrie-Anne Moss – The Matrix and Chocolat). There is an obvious tension between the two. The two agents begin to investigate the case and find more bodies that were killed in the same manner. It becomes apparent to them that they are looking for a serial killer.

We are introduced to Benjamin O'Ryan (Ben Kingsley – Ghandi and House of Sand and Fog), an obviously disturbed man who claims to be an ex-FBI special agent. We are shown scenes of O'Ryan going into a trancelike state and making charcoal drawings. After investigating some clues, Mackelway and Kulok speak to a university professor who knew O'Ryan and tells them that O'Ryan has a theory called Suspect Zero. O'Ryan believes that a serial killer who does not repeat any patterns could make their way across the U.S. killing without being caught. Becoming so wrapped up in the case, Mackelway begins to be able to see what O'Ryan sees (he is not aware yet that this is what is happening) and becomes more tortured by his visions as time goes on. Mackelway uncovers that O'Ryan was an FBI agent and was amongst a select few who were trained in remote viewing. This is the ability to see things at a distance just by using your mind. The two agents then discover that all the bodies they have found are the bodies of serial killers. Someone is hunting them down and killing them. Mackelway and Kulok have to find out who is killing the serial killers before someone else is murdered.

The DVD contains special features which include a commentary by director E. Elias Merhige on the making of the film. There is also a very interesting 4 part featurette called "What We See When We Close Our Eyes" which explains how humans see, what remote viewing is, how remote viewing was used by the American army to spy on other countries, and the science behind remote viewing. An example of how we are all supposedly capable of remote viewing using director E. Elias Merhige as a test subject is very interesting. There is also an alternate ending, the internet trailer for Suspect Zero and previews of upcoming movies.

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