Man On Fire / All Access Collector’s Edition

Here is the double DVD re-release of Man On Fire, sporting numerous new features that will thrill fans of this film. Let's face it, it comes as no surprise anymore to see actor Denzel Washington in the role of an angry law enforcer. What helps to draw an audience into the theatre is the fact that even though Washington may have pigeonholed himself, he always delivers a three-dimensional performance. Directed by Top Gun and Spy Game director Tony Scott, Man on Fire is a skillfully photographed action-thriller full of all the grit and grime one could ever ask for from a crime flick. Washington stars as Creasy, a down and out ex-intelligence agent who has given up on the world. Having gone through so much in his life, Creasy has become a worn-out boozehound without much of a reason to exist. As a sign of good will, Creasy's old buddy Rayburn (Christopher Walken) attempts to remove his pal from his slump by getting him a job with an excessively wealthy family who are living in Mexico City. Assigned to watch over the family's youngest daughter Lupita (Dakota Fanning), Creasy slowly but surely begins to smile again thanks to the intelligent preteen. Being that Man on Fire isn't a movie of the week, this is only the beginning. Creasy is shot and left for dead and Lupita is kidnapped. Lupita's kidnappers may have attempted to kill Creasy, though he's alive and ticking and is ready to crack some skulls to get the young girl back to her family. For those who enjoy math, take a heaping tablespoon of Fallen, a cup of Training Day and multiply it by Out of Time and basically you have Man on Fire. With its grainy filters and interesting camera angles, Scott delivers your classic "good versus evil" saga with an extra oomph. Malcom X it isn't, but Man Of Fire is a fiery Hollywood film with enough edge to keep you engrossed.

Special DVD Features:

Disk I
-Full length Commentary by director Tony Scott
-Full length Commentary by producer Lucas Foster, screenwriter Brian Helgeland, and actor Dakota Fanning

Disk II
– 14 Deleted scenes and alternate ending with commentary by Tony Scott
– "Vengeance Is Mine" comprehensive documentary
– Multi-angle scene study / sequence study with optional commentary by Tony Scott
– Storyboards and script excerpt
– Still photo gallery
– Music video. "Oye Coma Va" by Kinky
– Theatrical trailers and TV spots

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