The Sandlot 2

This is the second in a series of "Sandlot" films. The director is David Mickey Evans (The Sandlot and The First Kid), who seems to have worked out quite a niche for himself directing children's films. All of his films can be classified as children/family films. This is another one that the whole family can watch and enjoy. The innocence of young adulthood and the styles/trends of the 1970s are portrayed well in this film. It is a nice sit down and no thinking required type film.

The movie begins with a flashback to the summer of 1962. A narrator (David Mickey Evans) tells us of a story of the retrieval of the "great" ball (a baseball signed by Babe Ruth) from a nearby junkyard and the dog who guarded the junkyard named The Great Fear. The film then moves forward to the year 1972 and shows us the same sandlot which is now being played on by David (Max Lloyd-Jones) and his friends. David and his friends (Mac, Tarqell, Fingers, and Saul) go to the sandlot to play ball one day only to find a boy named Johnny (James Willson) trying to launch a rocket there. The rocket ends up landing in the dugout and starts a fire. Hayley (Samantha Burton), a new girl in town, ends up saving Johnny from getting beaten up by David and his friends.

David and his friends arrive at the sandlot the next day to find that Hayley and the members of her softball team have taken over the diamond. Hayley bets Mac (Brett Kelly – Bad Santa and the television series Dead Like Me) that she can strike him out in 3 pitches and if she does that the sandlot is hers. Hayley can really pitch and David takes over from Mac after one pitch. He fouls off pitches until it is dark; neither he nor Hayley wants to give up. The next day the boys finally ask the girls to join their team and they agree. The team goes to watch a Little League team, who are coached by Steve Garvey, practice. Hayley ends up challenging Singleton (Reece Thompson – Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2) to a game. At the game, Singleton realizes that they are going to lose so he tags Hayley out quite roughly and hurts her. David comes to her defense and hits Singleton.

Mac gets a new aluminum bat for his birthday and hits the ball over the junkyard wall. Johnny tells them all about The Great Fear and how he had son that was an even more vicious dog. The gang does not believe Johnny's story until they hear a loud growling from the other side of the fence. Just after the 4th of July, Johnny, who is a rocket enthusiast, accidentally launches Hayley's father's (Greg Germann – Sweet November and Down to Earth), who works for the space program, model of a NASA shuttle. The shuttle ends up landing on the other side of the junkyard fence and the kids have 5 days until Hayley's father comes back from a business trip in order to get it back.

DVD Special Features:
-Back to the Lot – Behind the scenes clips and interviews with all of the cast and the director
-Our Sandlot Days – Interviews with Major League Baseball players (including Dave Winfield) about their sandlot days.
-The Sandlot Kids – Clips and interviews with the cast of The Sandlot (original film)
-Backyard Baseball Demo – A DVD ROM computer game.
-Theatrical trailer for the movie.

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