The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Thanks to Dick Clark, Soundtrack of Our Lives will now be officially known as The Soundtrack of Our Lives (T.S.O.O.L.); one of the longest band names in rock 'n roll. This is due to the fact that Dick Clark has had a patent on the phrase since 2000. The band had been releasing music as Soundtrack of Our Lives since 1996 in Europe and since 2001 in North America. They received a letter from Dick Clark Productions in 2003 asking them to change their name and were not happy, but decided to change their name for the release of their new album Origin Volume 1.

This is the fourth album by the Swedish sextet and it is definitely not one of their strongest outings. The few good songs and their unabashed love for the music make sure the album is not a total write off. It must be said that if you liked their debut album then you will not hate this album because none of the songs on Origin Volume 1 would have seemed out of place on the debut album. However, this means that the sound is no longer fresh. Their sound is a mixture of Brit pop (think Jet) and seventies psychedelia. You can hear the influences of The Who, Pink Floyd and The Beatles within their music. Sometimes this homage seems to be blatant rip-offs of their musical heroes. There is no change of sound with this album. The hooks on this album are not as catchy as the ones on their 2002 debut album "Behind the Music" and the lyrics are not exactly the deepest. Highlights from the album include Royal Explosion (Part 2) and Song For the Others.

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