Bruce Springsteen

This highly anticipated disc is available in several different manifestations. Depending on your budget and interest in this new album you may be interested in the following: the dual disc version, the single disc version and the CD plus the extra DVD version. The DVD disc contains 5 new songs performed acoustically and filmed live with extensive intros by Springsteen. This breathtaking new CD contains 12 wonderful new compositions that are reminiscent of the stuff Bob Dylan recorded in the early 1970's. "Devils & Dust" occupies a spot somewhere between "Nebraska" and "Tunnel of Love" in the Springsteen canon. Springsteen is immersing himself in various other characters, and brings them breathtakingly alive in each of his songs…little vignettes…little short films. Bruce embodies each character, and then opens them for us to experience. He sings in different "voices", one half-spoken, one more "southern", another in falsetto…all according to the person he's singing about. "Reno", is about the tale of a man and a hooker. You may become obsessed by "Matamoros Bank", one of the several songs dealing, either directly or indirectly, with the plight of immigrants in the U.S. He had covered this area before in Joad's "Across The Border" but nothing like this. You'll smile when the "band" kicks in on "Maria's Bed", sort of like Bruce goosing the accelerator on a beat-up pick-up truck, driving down some dusty back road. He's telling you a story while you sit there in the passenger's seat, grinning from ear to ear. I think if you are at all interested in this album, you should go ahead and just get it without reading too many more of these reviews. Discover it yourself. It's the type of album where each listener will find all sorts of hidden treasures & unexpected pleasures.

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