Joni Mitchell

"This collection of songs and photography is my contribution to Saskatchewan's Centennial celebrations. I recommend that you get yourself a hot beverage and stand by the heater as you listen to these musical tales of long, cold winters, with a hint of short but glorious summers." Joni Mitchell's previous passage and the photos within the CD's sleeve are the only things new on this album. As you may know, Joni Mitchell has decided a while back to stop writing and singing about sad songs. Since Travelogue, her album of full orchestral arrangements of many of her greatest songs, fans of her stunning songbook have been confined to compilations like this one.

If you are not familiar with Mitchell's vast catalogue of music then this release or the earlier "Beginning of Survival," are worthwhile recordings to check out. Songs of a Prairie Girl reunites the songs Mitchell related to while growing up in

Canada. This album is a much more interesting proposition than the typical "greatest hits "fare that merely tries to milk past successes. Still, other than a remix of "Paprika Plains" and the beautiful "Urge for Going" which was released before on a prior anthology, there's nothing "new" here. All that said, most of the selections contained here, spanning over thirty-plus years, are remarkable proof of the breadth and longevity of Mitchell's talent.

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