Mercury Rev

"The Secret Migration" continues in the direction of the band's previous releases. However, the band's overall sound is much more uplifting than ever before. Of course the high flying psychedelic overtones are still present on this trippy concept album that celebrates Mother Nature.

The band's producer Dave Friedman makes the band's latest effort accessible to a wide range of listeners, yet "Rev's" overall sound still reminds me of other bands, especially the Flaming Lips. Singer Jonathan Donahue's wistful vocals are delicate, charming and genuine and the production and arrangements are superb. Some of the songs, particularly "My Love", and "Moving On" have a timeless quality. "Diamonds" more or less sounds like a spoof of the Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne's vocals.

So, forget about Mercury Rev's previous releases and dive into The Secret Migration. The band's sound has matured somewhat and the message is righteous. This high quality 13 track musical experience will transport you to places not often visited by other bands.

I highly recommend Mercury Rev's very musical "The Secret Migration," In these hectic times everyone can use a healthy dose of positive music.

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