Many of you out there have probably already heard of Natalie, a new artist on the music scene. Her hit debut single "Goin' Crazy" is a smooth R&B track that sets the pace for what is to follow on her self-titled album. "Energy" featuring Baby Bash has a nice vibe to it. The pace picks up on "Better Get It Right", a collaboration with Max Minelli. Natalie gets seductive on tracks such as "Ooh" and "Stay". "You Don't Love Me No More" is a notable effort. "I Can't Wait" is a mix of the old and new with the musical backdrop of a song from the 80's with the same title. Natalie has put her unique spin on this song with different lyrics and a more modern sound. "You're The One" is a sweet romantic tune. There are two bonus tracks included as well. "Where Are You" featuring Justin Roman is a charming love song followed by the Spanish version of "Goin' Crazy". An artist to discover.

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