Pit Fighter

Most action and fight fans will enjoy this seemingly endless boxing / fighting escapade. The film is set in a distraught and grim part of Mexico. The streets are filled with violence and this small Mexican enclave is dangerously violent; so violent in fact that the street's fights pour into the pits.

Jesse Johnson writes and directs this gritty movie that will surely not appeal to everyone. However, Johnson captures the gravity of the violence displayed in the pit. Overflowing, with explicit pit-fighting matches and powerful bodily contact, Jack Severino has no definite recollections of his life before pit fighting. You get the feeling that his head probably suffered a few too many blows and now his life begins and ends in the pit. The only positive aspect of Jack's life is that he is the most successful fighter in the pit, everything else is a blur. Serverio encounters several sketchy characters in the pit that try to mislead him. Jack's association with these immoral types confuses him further. However, Jack prevails and continues to be the best at this lethal and brutal so-called sport. Eventually it becomes clear that the only thing Jack has left is his two fists and his future. I cannot recommend this film to everyone, yet fight fans will surely want to take a peek at this tedious and ferocious film.

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