This is probably a quick assemblage of songs Styx needed to record in order to fulfill either personal or business obligations. It all started with the single "I Am the Walrus" hitting North American airwaves and then perhaps someone felt it was a good idea to record a complete album of familiar classic remakes, except for Tommy Shaw's reworked "Blue Collar Man." There are several opinions concerning this new release. Of course, the most prominent is, the bring back Dennis DeYoung proponents. People felt that he was the creative catalyst of Styx and perhaps he was, yet there are a handful of enjoyable tunes on this CD, even though they are remakes. "I Am the Walrus," "I Can See For Miles," "Can't Find My Way Home" features superb acoustic guitar work over an adequate Tommy Shaw vocal track, also check out, "One Way Out" (great slide guitar), "Salty Dog" (the best Gowan vocals on the disc) and of course the stripped down version of "Blue Collar Man" deserves a nod. As for the other selections, suffice it to say that there's something missing and it's not just former Styx front man Dennis DeYoung.

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