Kaiser Chiefs w/ OK Go

The Kaiser Chiefs have been getting plenty of positive press since their debut in the summer of 2003. This 4-piece band from Leeds, England received a coveted slot at the notorious NME awards and sealed their status in Britain.

The concert at Club Soda in Montreal started with a lively performance by Chicago's OK Go, a catchy power pop group that made the best of the sparse early crowd. The high light was no doubt the groups' creative and entertaining dance routine to close the set. By far the most well received part of their gig and a great lead into the Kaiser Chiefs' manic set.

I have never seen Joy Division play and have seen only sparse video clips. But if Kaiser Chief's Ricky Wilson (vocals) has 10% of Ian Curtis' dance skills, I can immediately see why Joy Division is so revered. Wilson's brow was plastered with sweat by the end of the first song and you just knew these guys were trying to put on a solid show. The opener "Na Na Na Na Naaa" was one of their better tracks, creating a frenzy right off the bat. The pace, as well as the mic-stand hurling continued throughout the next track "Saturday Night." The band's U.K. single "Every Day I Love You Less And Less" followed and kept the near capacity crowd moving and focused on this classy Brit band. You know it's a British band when they're selling ties at the merchandise booth.

Their 12 song set was just right for last night's young hip crowd who seemed to be smiling and bobbin happily throughout the 1 hour set. Ricky Wilson's dance moves were spastic and thrilling, while his bout with a cowbell on "Modern Way" was definitely first-rate. Andrew White (guitars) played the subdued role chatting nonchalantly with Nick Hodgson (drums) and Simon Rix (bass) during several tracks, while Peanut (keyboards) seemed happy to peer out at the crowd behind his Moog. Apparently, the "Chiefs" in their classy digs are doing something right; I overheard one girl say that if guys dressed like them they would get more sex for sure; duly noted. With this being their first time in Montreal, the Kaiser Chiefs played with purpose and drive, leaving the hipsters and myself satisfied and humming happily.


Na Na Na Na Naaa
Saturday Night
Everyday I Love You Less And Less
Born To Be A Dancer
I Predict A Riot
You Can Have It All
Hard Times Send Me
Modern Way
Oh My God
Time Honoured Tradition

2-Song Encore

Caroline, Yes
*unknown* (sorry everyone)

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