Tony Rome

Finally Tony Rome has been released by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment in this Frank Sinatra Celebration series. The film is originally from 1967 and is part of a series of movies that starred Frank Sinatra as hard-as-nails Miami private detective Tony Rome. Each of the three films of the Tony Rome series was directed by Gordon Douglas (Robin and the 7 Hoods and Stagecoach) who worked with Sinatra on several films. Frank Sinatra one lines himself very smoothly through the role and this keeps us from really paying attention to the plot of the movie. This is a story that focuses on huge convertible cars, girls (Jill St. John plays the role of Anne Archer – the romantic interest for Sinatra's character), sun, boats, and Miami. The film is dated (racist, misogynistic, etc.), but if the viewer remembers that it was meant to be a "fun" film then it can be enjoyed.

Tony Rome's ex-partner calls him from the hotel he now works at and says he needs Tony's help. Rome arrives to find a young blonde woman drunk and unconscious in one of the hotel rooms. The problem with this is that she is Diana Pines (Sue Lyon – Lolita) the daughter of rich construction magnate, Rudy Kosterman (Simon Oakland – West Side Story and Psycho). The hotel cannot afford anymore bad publicity and so the hotel owner pays Rome $200 to drop Diana off at home. Rome agrees to do it as he needs the money. Of course, Kosterman wants to know why his daughter drank so much as to pass out. Rome has no answers for him.

Upon arriving at his houseboat, Rome is greeted by two men with guns asking him where the pin is. Rome does not know what they are talking about. The two men chloroform him. Rome awakes the next morning by Diana and sees that his houseboat has been ransacked. Diana asks Rome for her pin back. Rome does not know anything about a pin. Diana hires Rome to find the pin for her and says that she does not want her father to know it is missing. Rome goes to see his ex-partner at the hotel and asks for the pin back. His ex-partner does not have it but will look for it. Later that evening Rome finds his ex-partner dead in his office. The case is becoming quite dangerous. Rome finds himself having to involve himself with insurance brokers, visit strip bars and lean on drug dealers in order to try and solve the case.

Special DVD Features:
-theatrical trailer for the movie
-trailers for Lady in Cement, Bandolero!, The Detective, Voyage, Fathom, Mother, Jugs and Speed, and One Million Years B.C.

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