Slightly Stoopid w/ Fishbone

While only appearing in Montreal for their second concert within their decade long existence, Slightly Stoopid didn't have any problems packing the Club Soda. Remarkably, the band's CDs are hard to find in local record stores and the group receives little to no radio play in Montreal; so it is refreshing to see so many hardcore fans of the band come out to watch their live show. Slightly Stoopid has thrived on the D.I.Y. attitude. They release all of their albums on their own label giving them complete creative control.

After Fishbone's lively ska-reggae set, the place was buzzin' and ready to get 'Stoopid'. In their signature khaki shorts and t's, the two frontmen known simply as Kyle and Miles got the crowd groovin' with their signature So-Cal brand of reggae/ska/punk and dub. With 5 studio albums to their credit, Slightly Stoopid has a large library of tunes to choose from. and they were touching on songs from all of their albums.

Backed by Ryan Moran (drums) and Oguer Ocan (percussion), Slightly Stoopid continuously feeds off the crowd and interacts with fans throughout their show. About halfway through the set a tray of shots came up to the stage, ordered by a fan, and was graciously downed by the band, which was soon followed by another tray of 5 beers. Then joints began being passed up and lit on stage and shared by both bands. It's all about having fun and creating some positive vibrations for this laidback group.

As the set wore on, members of Fishbone gradually meandered one by one onto the stage. Eventually the two bands combined and churned out reggae tinged jams and a crowd pleasing dubbed out cover of "No Diggity." The crowd was jumping and thrashing throughout the 2 hour set. Miles hopped down off the stage and mingled with fans immediately after their set; this D.I.Y. attitude is probably in part responsible for sustaining their fan-base. These guys from Southern California obviously care about their fans and their music; it's no wonder they filled the Club Soda last night.

Set list

Stoned Saga
Sinking Stone
Cool Down
Wicked Rebel
Johnny Law
Perfect Gentleman
Everything You Need
Just a Buzz
One More Time
Slightly Stoopid
Babylon is Falling
Till It Gets Wet
Collie Man
No Diggity
Couldn't Get High

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