Spawned from the work he did with metal outfit Between the Buried and Me, Giles is the electronic persona of artist Thomas Giles Rogers Jr. Instead of hurling out the array of metal riffs he is used to, Giles channels his energy into a more electronic, industrial sounding album. Not sounding like much out in the mainstream right now, Giles will make your head spin with its pulsating beats and inventive creative lyrics. On "Gup Gown" Giles shrieks about a dance called the Armwrestle, which will "make her change her pants". Killer.

The metal attitude is still prevalent on this beat heavy album, which spastically jumps around doing its best to warp your mind. With many of the songs being recreations of Giles' dreams, the music is a great reproduction of ones' vivid imagination. Giles kicks off in high gear with "Slumber Party", and the intensity is picked up with "Attackin'" and "Naked Brew".

To fans of Nine Inch Nails and Fisherspooner, this industrial release may not offer nothing too new musically, but for people looking for something that strays a bit from conventional form, Giles will gladly do his best to tweak your mind.

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