Dragnet 1967

Do you remember the line…"just the facts ma'am?" A whole generation of Americans watched "Dragnet" and this newly released DVD is a critical addition for anyone that enjoys classic police shows. Dragnet set the stage for police dramas in the 1950s and 1960s. Incredibly, the video portion is still vibrant and is a visual treat. Some of the lines and scenarios are dated but Jack Webb's vision is still fun to watch. This 3 disc package includes all 17 episodes from 1967's debut season and also included is "Dragnet 1967 Bonus Radio Episode" (a radio broadcast from 1954, a nod to Dragnet's radio origins).

The show's dynamic duo includes Sergeant Joe "just the facts ma'am" Friday (Jack Webb, also the shows producer, director and writer) and his partner, officer Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan, M*A*S*H*).

In conclusion, "Dragnet 1967" is a must have for anyone into crime dramas and especially for fans of the early "Dragnet" TV shows.

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