Courtney Jaye

Courtney Jaye recently released her album entitled "Traveling Light". The songs are a blend of folk & pop with a touch of country. You might have already heard her debut single "Can't Behave" which has been getting a fair amount of radio airplay. The songs are easygoing and mellow. "Lose My Head" and Permanent" are well-crafted tracks. "Mental" is notable, as is "Somersault". The title track is a bittersweet love song that is well sung by Courtney. "Hanalei Road" is an enjoyable listen. "Love Song (For Everyone)" and "Can You Sleep" are two of the better tracks on this album. "This Is The Day" and "Love Me" sound similar to previous tracks. Courtney has a nice voice but many of the songs sound similar. This album has its flashes of greatness.

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